But concerning the apostles and prophets, act according to the decree of the Gospel. …If he asks for money, he is a false prophet. …And every prophet who teaches the truth, but does not do what he teaches, is a false prophet. …But whoever says in the Spirit, Give me money, or something else, you shall not listen to him. But if he tells you to give for others’ sake who are in need, let no one judge him. – (A.D. 80-140) ch. 11

Shepherd of Hermas

Now can a divine Spirit receive money and prophesy? It is not possible for a prophet of God to do this, but the spirit of such prophets is earthly. – (A.D. 150) Ante-Nicene Fathers vol.1 pg.27


Instead of the law commanding the giving of tithes, [He told us] to share all our possessions with the poor. – (A.D. 180) Ante-Nicene Fathers vol.1 pg. 477

And for this reason they (the Jews) had indeed the tithes of their goods consecrated to Him, but those who have received liberty set aside all their possessions for the Lord’s purposes, bestowing joyfully and freely not the less valuable portions of their property, since they have the hope of better things [hereafter]; as that poor widow acted who cast all her living into the treasury of God. – ibid, Ante-Nicene Fathers vol.1 pg. 485

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