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Papacy and the Early Church

Greogory d 604 A.D.

“I say it without the least hisitation, whoever calls himself the universal bishop, or desires this title, is by his pride the precursor of the anti-Christ because he thus attempts to raise himself above the others. The error into which he falls springs from pride equal to that of the anti-Christ. For as that wicked one wished to be regarded as exalted above other men, like a god, so likewise whosoever would call himself sole bishop exalteth himself above others”

“It cannot be denied that if any one bishop be called universal, all the church crumbles if that universal one fall”

Cyprian 200-258 A.D.

“For neither does any of us set himself up as a bishop of bishops, nor by tyrannical terror does any compel his colleague to the necessity of obedience; since every bishop, according to the allowance of his liberty and power, has his own proper right of judgment, and can no more be judged by another than he himself can judge another”  – The Seventh Council of Carthage Under Cyprian

Jerome 342-420 A.D.

“Wherever a bishop may be whether at Rome or at Eugubium, at Constantinople or at Rhegium, at Alexandria or at Thanis, he is of the same worth…for all of them are the successors of the apostles.”

The Council of Nicaea 325 A.D.

In Canon 6, the council declared that each center was to be ruled by its own bishop and not by one head over all bishops. – Constitutions of the Holy Apostles


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