Good Works

Shepherd of Hermas

The way of light, then, is as follows. If any one desires to travel to the appointed place, he must be zealous in his works.

Clement of Rome 

You never grudged any act of kindness, being “ready to every good work.” Adorned by a thoroughly virtuous and religious life, you did all things in the fear of God. The commandments and ordinances of the Lord were written upon the tablets of your hearts.

Let us therefore cleave unto those to whom grace is given from God. Let us clothe ourselves in concord, being lowly-minded and temperate, holding ourselves aloof from all backbiting and evil speaking, being justified by works and not by words. -ibid

We have seen that all the righteous were adorned in good works. Yea, and so the Lord Himself having adorned Himself with works rejoiced. Seeing then that we have this pattern, let us conform ourselves with all diligence to His will; let us with all our strength work the work of righteousness. The good workman receives the bread of his work with boldness, but the slothful and careless dare not look his employer in the face. It is therefore needful that we should be zealous unto well-doing, for of Him are all things: since He forewarns us saying, Behold, the Lord, and His reward is before His face, to recompense each man according to his work. He exhorts us therefore to believe on Him with our whole heart, and to be not idle nor careless unto every good work. -ibid

Let the wise display his wisdom, not in words, but in good works. -ibid

Second Clement 

And the scripture also said in Ezekiel, Though Noah and Job and Daniel should rise up, they shall not deliver their children in the captivity. But if even such righteous men as these cannot by their righteous deeds deliver their children, with what confidence shall we, if we keep not our baptism pure and undefiled, enter into the kingdom of God? Or who shall be our advocate, unless we be found having holy and righteous works?

For the Gentiles, when they hear from our mouth the oracles of God, marvel at them for their beauty and greatness; then, when they discover that our works are not worthy of the words which we speak, forthwith they betake themselves to blasphemy, saying that it is an idle story and a delusion. -ibid

Justin Martyr 

And we have been taught that He in the beginning did of His goodness, for man’s sake, create all things out of unformed matter; and if men by their works show themselves worthy of this His design, they are deemed worthy, and so we have received – of reigning in company with Him, being delivered from corruption and suffering.

For not only he who in act commits adultery is rejected by Him, but also he who desires to commit adultery: since not only our works, but also our thoughts, are open before God. -ibid

For the matters of our religion lie in works, not in words), and learn from them what will give you life everlasting. -ibid

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