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Bishops – Behavior of

Early Church Fathers Quotes on How Bishops Were to Behave:

Clement of Rome (A.D. 96) ch.1:

For you did all things without respect of persons, and walked in the commandments of God, being obedient to those who had the rule over you, and giving all fitting honor to the presbyters among you.

Ignatius: to the Ephesians (A.D. 35-105) ch. 4:

So then it becomes you to run in harmony with the mind of the bishop; which thing also you do. For your honorable presbytery, which is worthy of God, is attuned to the bishop, even as its strings to a lyre. Therefore in your concord and harmonious love Jesus Christ is sung.

Yea, and it becomes you also not to presume upon the youth of your bishop, but according to the power of God the Father to render unto him all reverence, even as I have learned that the holy presbyters also have not taken advantage of his outwardly youthful estate, but give place to him as to one prudent in God; yet not to him, but to the Father of Jesus Christ, even to the Bishop of all. – ibid

Therefore as the Lord did nothing without the Father, [being united with Him], either by Himself or by the Apostles, so neither do you anything without the bishop and the presbyters. – ibid

Shepherd of Hermas:

They that have the spots are deacons that exercised their office ill, and plundered the livelihood of widows and orphans, and made gain for themselves from the ministrations which they had received to perform. If then they abide in the same evil desire, they are dead and there is no hope of life for them.

They that believed are such as these; bishops, hospitable persons, who gladly received into their houses at all times the servants of God without hypocrisy. [These bishops] at all times without ceasing sheltered the needy and the widows in their ministration and conducted themselves in purity at all times. These [all] then shall be sheltered by the Lord forever. -ibid

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