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Part 2, Zionism – Judiasm is a religion not a race

Continuing from Part 1 – History and Science shows that the Jews are not a race Moving on to History, Science, DNA and Genealogy we find that the Judaism is not a preserved race. Judaism was not the religion of the Old Testament Israelite’s. Judaism is a in fact the …

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Part 1, Zionism – Israel Was Not a Race

Zionist believe that Old Testament Israel is carried on today in those who are of Jewish “descent”. Jewish decent gets a bit muddled among Zionist opinion, but is typically defined as either those who are a different race from other people on the planet (Jews) all coming from Abraham, 0r …

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The Wailing Wall is Really a Roman Fort

Zionist Christians believe that a Third Temple will be rebuilt just before Jesus returns on what is today known as Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Some believe the anti-Christ will sit in the Temple first, and then Jesus will defeat him and take throne in the Temple where He will be …

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The Old Covenant Was Not Abraham’s Covenant

Zionist Christians believe that God still owes the land of Canaan to the Israelis. Most cite Abraham’s Covenant with God as proof that the Modern Israelis are entitled to own what is known as Israel today. Race is tied to this theory making Zionism a racist and anti-semetic concept that …

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