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The Apostle Paul: The Perfect Example of Repentance (Metanoia)

The Biblical idea of repentance is much more than most modern Christians associate today. It is more than just simply asking for forgiveness or feeling sorry for your actions. While these things are part of repentance, true repentance goes even farther by completely changing after your remorse. True repentance means …

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Christmas and Paganism Part 4: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

“Brethren, keep diligently feast-days, and truly in the first place the day of Christ’s birth.” -Clement of Rome, 98 A.D. We have covered all the myths that slander the celebration of Jesus’ birth in December, debunking them with clear historical evidence and Scholarly sources. We have proven that December 25th …

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Christmas and Paganism Part 3: The Winter Birth

According to modern Scholarship and historical evidence, Jesus’ birth date is not related to paganism. In the last two articles we showed that December 25th is an historically Christian date based on historical evidence and the ancient Hebrew theory of Integral Age. We debunked the myth that Christians hijacked the pagan …

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