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The Sabbath, Sunday Observance and the Early Church

Many Christians have given up the observance of Sunday in favor of the keeping the Sabbath. Sadly, they believe the myth that Sunday observance comes from paganism or they fall for the teaching of cults, that the Sabbath was never fulfilled. As a former Sabbath keeper, I can attest to …

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Does the Tetragrammaton reveal God’s Name?

Some falsely teach people that “God” is a pagan name/title and that we should call our creator names such as  “Yahweh.”, which is the most common name used for God today.  Believing that the tetragrammaton–YHWH–can be sounded out,  and using poor outdated scholarship, has created this idea that is not …

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Ishtar and the Easter Connection

One of the myths that circulates each Spring near Easter is that Easter was another name for Eostre or Ishtar and was a fertility festival in her honor.  Despite the wide circulation of this myth,  there is no historical evidence for this until the 8th century A.D. Not only is …

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Christmas and Paganism Part 4: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

“Brethren, keep diligently feast-days, and truly in the first place the day of Christ’s birth.” -Clement of Rome, 98 A.D. We have covered all the myths that slander the celebration of Jesus’ birth in December, debunking them with clear historical evidence and Scholarly sources. We have proven that December 25th …

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Christmas and Paganism Part 3: The Winter Birth

According to modern Scholarship and historical evidence, Jesus’ birth date is not related to paganism. In the last two articles we showed that December 25th is an historically Christian date based on historical evidence and the ancient Hebrew theory of Integral Age. We debunked the myth that Christians hijacked the pagan …

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